Clear Communication

Express boundaries directly using "I" statements. Acknowledge care but assert your needs clearly.

Expectations And Alternatives

Set expectations for future interactions. Try alternative ways to connect within your comfort.

Maintain Composure

Stay calm and firm in your decision. Avoid getting defensive or emotional.

Consequences And Consistency

Communicate consequences for boundary violations. Consistently enforce boundaries to establish a pattern.

Seek Support

Share concerns with trusted friends or family. Get advice and emotional support as needed.

Prioritize Self-Care

Regularly practice self-care for well-being. Recharge and take time for yourself.

Utilize Technology

Consider written communication for clarity. Use technology as a buffer if face-to-face is challenging.

Assertiveness, Not Aggression

Be assertive but respectful in tone and body language. Avoid aggression to maintain a healthy dialogue.

Professional Guidance

Know when to seek professional help. 

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