Attachment Parenting

Focused on creating strong emotional bonds between parents and children through responsiveness and physical closeness.

Authoritative Parenting

Combines warmth and discipline, emphasizing clear rules and open communication.

Permissive Parenting

Characterized by a lenient and indulgent approach with few rules and high freedom.

Helicopter Parenting

Involves constant hovering and over-involvement in a child's life, often to their detriment.

Free-Range Parenting

Encourages independence by allowing children to explore and learn from experiences with minimal adult intervention.

Positive Parenting 

Promotes positive reinforcement and mutual respect to foster a healthy parent-child relationship.

Tiger Parenting 

Emphasizes high expectations, strict discipline, and intense involvement in a child's academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Gentle Parenting 

Advocates for gentle discipline methods, empathy, and understanding of a child's emotions.

Simplicity Parenting

Focuses on reducing the clutter and distractions in a child's life to promote a simpler, more mindful upbringing.


A collaborative approach in which separated or divorced parents work together to raise their children, often involving shared decision-making and responsibilities.

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