Harold And Maude (1971)

uses dark comedy and an elderly lover's planned suicide to explore a young man's obsession with death. 

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Depicts the personal struggles related to suicide in a group of young women at a psychiatric hospital.

Ju-on The Grudge (2002)

Uses Japanese folklore and supernatural horror to portray the violent and traumatic impact of suicide on society.

The Hours (2002)

Weaves the lives of three women dealing with suicide and existential crises across generations.

Sylvia (2003)

Delves into American poet Sylvia Plath's life, focusing on her struggles with mental illness and tragic suicide.

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) 

humorously explores the trauma of suicide through an afterlife way-station reserved for people who have committed suicide. 

2:37 (2006)

Follows the interwoven lives of six teenagers who witnessed a suicide at school. 

According To Greta (2009)

Follows a rebellious teenager grappling with self-destructive tendencies and suicidal thoughts during summer break. 

Archie's Final Project (2009)

Showcases a high school student's video diary about his suicidal thoughts.

To Write Love On Her Arms (2012)

Chronicles a young woman's battle with addiction and suicide, highlighting the importance of friendship in suicide survival.

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