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Dyslexia Test

    Dyslexia Test site

    Dyslexia is regarded as a learning disability when it comes to reading, writing, or recognizing letters, and symbols. People suffering from dyslexia tend to experience difficulties when reading at a normal pace, without making numerous mistakes. Dyslexic people are not dumb people, rather they are quite intelligent; it’s just that they have trouble with spelling, comprehension, phrasing, and writing. Take this online dyslexia test to find out whether you have it or not.

    Learn More About Dyslexia

    Dyslexia is a type of learning disorder that can affect kids and adults alike. One of the most common misconceptions about dyslexia is that it can only impact kids. Apart from facing difficulties with reading and writing, dyslexic people also encounter problems when it comes to understanding speech and sounds and deciphering alphabets and words. Even if they are really hardworking, efficient, and smart, being afflicted with dyslexia makes it hard for them to process words, leading to further troubles with reading, writing, and speaking.

    Dyslexia affects around 5%-10% of Americans, as, they show prominent symptoms of it. However, many people tend to ignore these symptoms, dismissing them as nothing. Some of the most common symptoms of dyslexia are reading difficulties, mixing up words, having problems with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, slow reading, and the inability to decode sequences.

    One of the main causes of dyslexia is genes and heredity. Dyslexia is mostly detected in people whose parents and other family members also suffer from it. Our dyslexia test is designed to identify your reading difficulties instantly.

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    Instructions For Taking Dyslexia Test

    A list of questions is mentioned in this Dyslexia test which relates to life experiences that are common among people who suffer from dyslexia. Please read each question carefully, and indicate how often you have experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months.

    Approx time – 20 minutes
    No. of questions – 30