This printable and FREE mood tracker has been designed to help you stay mindful of your mood every day, and also aid you in doing all those things you love, all the while limiting activities that might dampen your mood.

What is a mood tracker exactly?

A mood tracker helps you to keep a track on your moods and feelings every day, so that you can take better care of your mental health, and be more mindful.

It can be difficult to keep track on how and what you feel daily, so logging your moods can help you have a better idea about how life is truly treating you these days.

So, are you ready and all geared up for being more mindful and aware of your emotions, so that you can do more of what you truly love? Download these free trackers and take one step further in loving yourself a little more!

CLICK HERE to Download the Printable PDF copy of the Mood Tracker

This Mood Tracker is intended to help you keep track of your emotional experience for a week. It helps users to score their mood at any time of the day. It presents these scores on a graph that can help detect mood patterns and potential causes.