The holidays constitute a joyful time, but it can trigger mental health issues and emotional distress in many.

Financial Stress

Can get exacerbated in people grappling with the pressure of meeting financial obligations and expectations.

Social Anxiety

May intensify during festive gatherings in individuals experiencing heightened self-consciousness and fear of judgment. It can also trigger social withdrawal, loneliness, and isolation.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Can resurface in people with traumatic memories and negative events, further enhancing stress and emotional distress.

Seasonal Depression

Can cast a shadow over the festive season with the lack of sunlight and colder weather, making sufferers feel sad and fatigued. 

Emotional Eating

Can complicate a person's relationship with food, and heighten the risk of developing full-blown eating disorders, obesity, or body image issues. 

Body Dysmorphia

Can be particularly distressing during the holidays, as sufferers may experience heightened self-consciousness about their physical appearance, body weight, self-worth, etc. 

Disruptive And Dissociative Disorder

May be exacerbated by the disruptions in routine and heightened stress during the holidays, leading to episodes of detachment and disconnection from reality.

What Is Dissociation During The Holidays?


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