Limerence Syndrome 

Characterized by intense infatuation and preoccupation with a romantic interest, often accompanied by obsessive thoughts and idealization of the person.

Stockholm Syndrome

Occurs when hostages or victims develop an emotional bond with their captors, leading to feelings of empathy and loyalty.

Stendhal Syndrome 

A rare condition in which individuals experience physical and emotional symptoms (like dizziness, rapid heart rate, and hallucinations) when exposed to great works of art or beauty.

Florence Nightingale Syndrome 

This syndrome occurs when a caregiver develops romantic feelings for their patient, blurring professional boundaries.

Paris Syndrome

Typically experienced by Japanese tourists visiting Paris, it involves severe culture shock. It involves feelings of disillusionment and distress when the romanticized image of the city doesn't match reality.


A fascination with and attraction to individuals who have committed serious crimes, often leading to romantic involvement or marriage with criminals.

Gamer's Love Syndrome

Occurs when individuals become infatuated with fictional video game characters and develop romantic feelings toward them.

Broken Heart Syndrome (Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy) 

A physical and emotional condition triggered by extreme stress, often stemming from the loss of a loved one. It mimics the symptoms of a heart attack.

Self-Love Syndrome 

When individuals become overly narcissistic and exhibit an inflated sense of self-worth, often at the expense of healthy relationships with others.

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