Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive (2006)

The twin documentaries provide personal accounts of individuals living with bipolar disorder, including depressive episodes.

Depression: Out Of The Shadows (2008)

Explores the various aspects of depression—from its impact on individuals to the stigma surrounding mental health.

Men Get Depression (2008)

Delves into the often overlooked topic of depression in men and its unique challenges for the affected and their families.

The Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression (2010)

Examines the widespread nature of depression and its impact on individuals and society. 

A Terrible Melancholy: Depression In The Legal Profession (2010)

Addresses depression within the legal profession, shedding light on the struggles faced by lawyers.

Running From Crazy (2013)

Focuses on the Hemingway family's history of mental illness to explore how depression and other mental health issues can affect multiple generations.

The Truth About Depression (2013)

Provides a comprehensive look at depression, covering its causes, treatments, and the experiences of those living with the condition.

My Depression: The Up And Down And Up Of It (2014)

Uses animation and personal narrative to offer a unique perspective on the ups and downs of living with depression.

Ride The Tiger: A Guide Through The Bipolar Brain (2016)

Focuses on bipolar disorder and provides insight into both manic and depressive phases of the condition, emphasizing the complexity of the disorder.

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me (2022)

Breaks the notions of the perfect celebrity life and spills the beans on pop-star Selena Gomez's depression and anxiety. 

How does depression mess with our heads?


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