How Do You Make Yourself An Easy Target For A Manipulative Partner? Expert Mind Talk With Marcus Weaver

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Marcus Weaver

Being in a happy, healthy, and stable relationship is desired by many, but unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience what being in one feels like. Having a manipulative person as your partner/spouse is heartbreaking, and the impact of it can be lifelong.

For this Expert Mind Talk Session, we have Marcus Weaver with us, who is a Certified Relationship Coach, consultant, and entrepreneur, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

His candid and open approach brings direction, clarity, and positive support to his clients. His core principle is simple, no matter how difficult your circumstances are currently, where you are isn’t who you are!

In this Mind Talk Session, Mr. Weaver speaks about the factors that can lead to you being the target of a manipulative person, why relationships shouldn’t be competitive, and the importance of having a strong support system to get out of a toxic relationship.

Check out the video now to know more about toxic relationships and what you can do to avoid being in one.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • How you become an easy target for a manipulative partner. (2:22)
  • Do you always feel belittled and disrespected as if your concerns are not important? (6:51)
  • How does your dysfunctional relationship becomes normal? (10:15)
  • Relationships aren’t some sort of competition. (14:32)
  • You need a support system to get out from the toxic relationship. (15:58)
  • Q&A session (18:54)

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