What Is Dating Anxiety – Expert Mind Talk With Forrest Talley & Dominique

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Let’s talk about dating anxiety, that jittery feeling many of us experience when it comes to matters of the heart. You know, that mix of excitement and nervousness that makes your heart race? Well, dating anxiety is like the annoying little sibling of regular anxiety, constantly whispering doubt in your ear. It’s that fear of awkward silences, clumsy gestures, and the dreaded possibility of rejection.

For this Expert Mind Talk, we have Forrest Talley and Dominique with us who are going to delve deep into the world of dating anxiety. 

Forrest Talley is a clinical psychologist who spent over 20 years working at the University of California, Davis, Medical Center seeing patients and training staff and interns. During that time he worked as the Co-Training Director of an APA-approved psychology internship program, primary supervisor, and manager of an individual and group therapy program.

He also served in the United States Army attached to a Combat Stress Control Unit with a deployment to Iraq in 2008/2009. More recently he opened a private practice focused on helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or trauma. You can learn more about his practice by going to forresttalley.com

Dominique is a clinical social worker who received her Master of Social Work degree in 2018. She has worked with a variety of populations in various settings – VA hospitals, private medical centers, and multiple counseling centers. She has chosen to focus her work on couples and relationship issues, a clinical focus that has been very rewarding.

A particular interest has been to help young women better understand how to approach dating in ways that are smart, insightful, and rewarding. Dominique has completed Gottman Level 1 Training and SBIRT certification. She also writes a blog and hosts a podcast exploring dating, relationships, and related issues facing young adult women.

In this Mind Talk Session, they explain what is dating anxiety, and provide some useful tips for coping with it. Check out the video for valuable insights

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Introduction to Dating Anxiety (1:06)
  • “This anxiety can come up when people are single and dating” (16:45)
  • Coping skills to help yourself be less anxious (35:31)
  • Q&A Session (46:18)

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