How To Identify And Deal With Workplace Bullying? Expert Mind Talk With Dorothy Suskind

Dorothy Suskind

Workplace bullying is a big reality these days, it’s just we don’t get to hear a lot about it because most people tend to shove it under the rug (both the bully and the bullied). Being a victim of workplace bullying is not just a very painful experience to go through, it can also take a toll on a person’s mental and emotional health.

For this Expert Mind Talk Session, we have Dorothy Suskind with us who is a writer, researcher, and Assistant Professor in the Education and Counseling Department at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

She has also served as a teacher, reading specialist, middle school principal, action research coach, and assistant professor. She researches and writes on topics, including workplace bullying, bullying in childhood and adolescents, sexual assault, creativity, healthy work cultures, and women in the workplace.

In this Mind Talk session, she speaks about the main characters that are found in almost every workplace, how workplace bullying works, and most importantly, how bullies go about degrading their victims.

Check out the video now to know more about the dynamics of workplace bullying and what you can potentially do to help prevent it.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Narrative inquiry, Autoethnography & Phenomenology (16:13)
  • 6 primary characters in a workplace (22:14)
  • The Plotlines of Workplace abuse (28:58)
  • The Degradation Ceremony (39:40)
  • Advice from survivors (52:37)
  • Q & A Session (1:04:52)
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