How To Get Through The Holidays If You’ve Had A Breakup Or Divorce? – Expert Mind Talk With Kelly Ann Garnett

Kelly Ann Garnettr featured

The holidays can prove to be challenging and tough, especially if you have gone through a breakup or divorce recently. The prospect of spending the holidays without the one you love by your side can be painful and heartbreaking, to say the least.

For this Expert Mind Talk Session, we have Kelly Ann Garnett with us, who is a certified Love and Life Coach. Kelly has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and for over a decade has been coaching successful and powerful women, and men, who are looking for their true Soulmate. She teaches her clients how to upgrade their “Love Blueprint” to manifest their One.

In this Mind Talk Session, Kelly speaks about forgiving and soothing yourself, how you can make the most of your holidays by spending time with your friends and family, and most importantly, the importance of showing appreciation and gratitude.

Check out the video now to know more about how you can happily spend the holidays despite going through a breakup.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Soothing process (3:59)
  • Forgive yourself (12:23)
  • How to keep your company with your family or friends during holidays (22:31)
  • Appreciation is important (28:23)
  • Q&A Session (32:46)

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