Moving for our Mental Health: A journey towards better physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Updated On: 

We successfully completed a webinar with Dr. Chinu Agarwal who is the CEO of techno university & group.

Event flow:
The host greeted the attendees to the webinar and topic was “From Shadows To Light – A Journey Through Mental Health Awareness.”
The topic was introduced and why Explained why mental health awareness is vital and relevant to the audience.

Dr. Agarwal spoke about how mental health awareness holds significant importance, particularly within educational institutions. It is crucial to acknowledge and address mental health concerns among students and faculty due to their direct impact on academic performance, overall well-being, and future success. Schools and colleges serve as pivotal environments where mental health issues can manifest and affect individuals’ abilities to thrive.

Dr. Chinu Agarwal shared some of the common challenges students and corporate professionals face such as stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.
He shared some strategies individuals can adopt to maintain and improve their mental well-being like mindfulness, time management, and seeking support. He recommended resources such as counseling services, workshops, and mental health apps.

Closing Remarks:
We extended our heartfelt gratitude for sharing her invaluable insights and dedicating her time to the discussion. Her expertise has greatly enriched the understanding of the significance of physical health in our overall wellness journey.

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