The Symbiotic Relationship Between Narcissists And Empaths – Expert Mind Talk With Tree Franklyn

Tree Franklyn feature

Why do narcissists and empaths get attracted to each other, despite being as different as chalk and cheese? Empaths are as sensitive and kind-hearted as narcissists are selfish and toxic. Despite belonging to opposite ends of the spectrum, why do they still feel attracted to one another?

For this Expert Mind Talk, we have Tree Franklyn who is a best-selling author and founder of the Empathic Awakening Academy. She helps empaths and sensitive people to release their overwhelming emotions so they can stand in their strength and reconnect with who they truly are to create a life of deep meaning, power, and purpose.

She’s a faculty member at The Shift Network and her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen, Guideposts, and more. Her international media appearances include interviews in Inspired Coach Magazine, Entrepreneur on Fire, Kauneus & Terveys, and more.

In this Mind Talk Session, she explains what a symbiotic relationship really is, and dispels many common myths about narcissists and narcissism.

Check out the video out to know more about the symbiotic relationship between narcissists and empaths.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • What is Symbiotic relationship? (7:05)
  • Symbiotic bond (16:42)
  • “Let’s dispel the common myth here about narcissism.” (18:09)
  • Q&A Session (24:48 )
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