What Keeps You Stuck In A Narcissistic Relationship? Expert Mind Talk With Dr. Angel J. Storm

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Dr Angel J Storm

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is not an easy place to be. Narcissists are known to be emotionally, verbally, and in many cases, even physically abusive. However, why is it that despite their problematic, abusive, and toxic nature, many of their victims find it hard to leave them?

For this Expert Mind Talk, we have Dr. Angel J. Storm with us. She holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in International Peace, an M.A. in International Security, and a B.S. in Human Development. She served in the US Army for six years and continued work for the Defense Department for another seven years as a civilian.

After her own experience in family court with a narcissist in 2017, she began life coaching and focusing on narcissistic abuse recovery. She loves helping people in all stages of narcissistic abuse recovery get their lives on track and grow in their purpose, despite having all the cards stacked against them.

In this Mind Talk Session, she explains why you stay stuck in narcissistic relationships and what you can do to break out of this toxic bind.

Check out the video to know more.

Highlights From The Episode:

  • The 4 Futures (Exercise) (3:16)
  • Simplified healing process (11:55)
  • “It’s the small things that adds up over time…” (32:56)
  • Q&A Session (49:26)
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