A Career In Care: Exploring The Minds Of People Who Heal

a career in care

Altruism, the act of sacrificing personal resources for the sake of someone else, is a trait inbuilt into humanity. It is important to remember that although we frequently see the deeds of those that tend to be selfish and malicious, it is the acts of the altruist that will be remembered.

Some people, for one reason or another, are drawn to altruistic professions. Granted, some of these people do it for the accolade, millions of nurses, teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and childcare workers do these jobs simply because they feel the need to help or care for others.

It can be staggering to consider that a career with so much sacrifice can be desirable to some. So today why don’t we take a moment and consider, what is it about a career in care that appeals to these people? What is it about the job that allows them to look past the amount of effort it demands of them?

The Demands Of Life

The most basic kind of satisfaction is that of self-sufficiency. It’s hard to feel fulfilled or happy in life with bills, loans, and daily expenses looming over your head. It’s incredibly hard to be unemployed but right now, those with healthcare qualifications are in a fortuitous position.

The USA is currently going through a significant skill shortage, including in several healthcare careers. If you have any prior experience in nursing, it may be worth enrolling in the best accelerated nursing program you can find because right now; the US needs you!

A job provides some measure of security and a feeling of self-reliance. That in itself is a major source of fulfillment. However, now we’ve got the practical things out of the way, let’s move on to something a little more interesting.

Society And Altruism

It is important to remember that altruistic behavior isn’t just something people do, but rather it is encoded into our very DNA. Evolutionary science shows us that ancient animals developed sociality as a method of protection, increased offspring potential, and took on bigger prey.

However, over time a form of sociality emerged called “Altruism”, where members of these animal communities would sacrifice their resources to benefit other members of the group. This behavior is observed in humans, the current apex of the evolutionary tree – meaning that altruism is, as determined by the very forces of nature, completely necessary to our survival as a species.

Since we have evolved to favor altruistic behavior, our brains have grown to release pleasure and goal-achievement neurochemicals as a natural reward system when we act altruistically. Meaning not only is there a natural precedent for altruism, but our body actively encourages it because it’s good for us, our health, and our society

The Type Of Person You Are

It goes without saying, but the world is a huge place. In 2022, the global population will reach 8 billion people. It’s a staggering number, and exceedingly difficult for the mind to comprehend. This means that there is an indefinable number of people, each with their personalities, wants, dreams, and ambitions. Some of those people will grow up to become CEOs and lawyers. Others will become nursing home attendants, nurses, and childcare workers.

You see the question of why or how the people in the healthcare field generate such satisfaction from their work doesn’t need to be answered in terms of evolution or the need to look after oneself. The simple fact is that there are people that like this kind of work.

Some people thrive in chaotic and busy work environments. There are people that like having multiple things to do all at once. Some enjoy the go-go-go style of healthcare work or find the realm of knowledge fascinating. Even better, there are those that for one reason or another, have a real love of the human race, and an undeniable wish to make the lives of total strangers better.

Healthcare is a great industry for people that like to help others, but it’s also great for people that like to learn, extroverts who are energized or fulfilled by interactions with others, enjoy seeing the benefits of their work relatively quickly, and like having a plethora of fields to specialize in.

The Real Question

Altruistic behavior is naturally rewarding, and with a shortage in medical skills at the moment, there’s no better time to start heading toward a career in helping and healing others.

However, there is something very real to be said about the spirit of being a person who heals in your community. It’s tangible, personal work, and it is incredibly good for the soul. Although the job is demanding, it is equally fulfilling, and as much as you put in, you get out.

The question should not be “Why do people in these jobs enjoy it.” The real question should be “Why are these skills in such short supply?”

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  • A Career In Care: Exploring The Minds Of People Who Heal