Student Well-Being Program: Nurturing Healthy Minds for a vibrant Campus

In the dynamic environment of college or school, students experience both moments of joy and pressure. Whether navigating social circles, academic challenges, or personal struggles, everyone encounters rough patches. Recognizing the unique pressures students face in India, it’s natural for them to feel distressed at times.

Our counselors provide invaluable support to students, guiding them through adversities and emotional upheavals while imparting essential coping skills for resilience.


Mind Help empowers students on their academic and social journey, both on campus and beyond. They receive vital skills, valuable recourses, and improved proficiency.

  • Experts: proficient counselors are available to connect with, providing specialized care tailored to students and youth
  • Aligned with academic endeavors: Participate in group sessions and training tailored to pivotal milestones in academic life, such as placements or exams
  • Strengthen Student Advocates: Tailored training, encompassing emergency protocols, equips campus mental health leaders with essential tools, resources, and support.
  • Communities: We empower student volunteers from various communities to raise awareness about mental and emotional well-being, and to champion this program. Digital Platform: Exclusive to student life, with a focus on topics related to academic, social interactions, and interpersonal relationships, delivered through videos, podcasts, and mailers.