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conduct disorders

What Is Anger


    Anger is a natural, sometimes irrational, human emotion typically triggered by psychological, emotional, or physical pain. It can be characterized by a feeling or desire… Read More »Anger

    social media addiction site

    Social Media Addiction

      Social media addiction is a mental health condition in which a person experiences an uncontrollable and compulsive urge to use social media.

      Voyeuristic Disorder site

      Voyeuristic Disorder

        Voyeuristic disorder is a psychiatric condition in which the sufferer displays an extreme sexual interest in watching other people in their intimate moments.



          Gaslighting refers to a psychological manipulation strategy that is used to influence, intimidate, or gain power over someone.

          abrasive personality site

          Abrasive Personality

            An abrasive personality is a type of unsocial personality, bordering on aggression, authoritarian approaches, and insensitivity.

            Stendhal Syndrome site

            Stendhal Syndrome

              Stendhal syndrome (SS) is a rare psychiatric condition caused by exposure to artistic or historical artifacts.

              Borderline Personality Disorder site

              Borderline Personality Disorder

                Borderline personality disorder is a psychiatric condition that affects our emotional regulation and distorts our self-image and sense of reality.



                  Kleptomania is the inability to resist the urge to steal which is usually not for personal or financial gain. In most cases, people suffering from… Read More »Kleptomania

                  Self Esteem


                    Understanding self-esteem, its types, the factors that influence it, its benefits, and the ways to improve it.

                    Aggression site


                      Aggression is characterized by anger or violent feelings along with harmful social interaction and an intention of inflicting damage to others. What Is Aggression? Aggression… Read More »Aggression

                      What Is Cutting


                        Nonsuicidal self-injury, often known as self-injury, is the intentional injuring of one’s own body, such as cutting or burning oneself. It is not usually intended… Read More »Cutting



                          Pyromania is a mental health condition characterized by the incessant urge to deliberately start fires. This act is conducted to relieve stress or for instant… Read More »Pyromania

                          Capgras Delusion site

                          Capgras Delusion

                            Capgras delusion is a psychological condition where people have an irrational belief that someone they know has been replaced by an imposter.

                            Gambling Disorder site

                            Gambling Disorder

                              Gambling disorder (GD) is a progressive impulse-control disorder that can affect the sufferers’ families and social lives.