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mood disorders

What Is Mania


    Mania is a disabling psychiatric disorder that affects a person’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Mania is often associated with bipolar disorders, schizoaffective disorders, and… Read More »Mania



      Everyone feels bored at times. It is an emotional state associated with attention, perception, memory and creativity. However, chronic boredom can adversely affect our mental… Read More »Boredom

      self harm


        Self-Harm is a common behavior of self harm stemming from multiple mental disorders in children, adolescents, and the elderly population. It is conducted without any… Read More »Self-Harm



          Loneliness refers to a distressing state of mind that can make someone feel alone, empty, abandoned, and unwanted. When the feeling of being isolated worsens… Read More »Loneliness



            Understanding what are hormones, its types, functions, and disorders.

            mood disorder

            Mood Disorders

              Mood disorders are a group of disorders characterized by a distorted or inconsistent mood that interferes with the day to day functioning of the individual.… Read More »Mood Disorders

              Bipolar Disorder

              Bipolar Disorder

                Learn what bipolar disorder is, its causes, its symptoms, and its treatment.

                Aggression site


                  Aggression is characterized by anger or violent feelings along with harmful social interaction and an intention of inflicting damage to others. What Is Aggression? Aggression… Read More »Aggression

                  Manic Episode

                  Manic Episode

                    Manic episode is typically an elevated or irritable mood, which can range from intense energy, pacing thoughts to other intense or exaggerated behaviors. What Is… Read More »Manic Episode



                      Bereavement refers to an emotional state of mourning the loss of a loved one to death. It can be characterized by the intense grief we… Read More »Bereavement

                      Anxiety site


                        Anxiety is our natural reaction to stress and is typically considered as a healthy response as it makes us alert. But if someone experiences high… Read More »Anxiety

                        What Is A Career


                          A career can be defined as the journey or part of life that revolves around employment and livelihood. It is a process of learning and… Read More »Career

                          What Is Anger


                            Anger is a natural, sometimes irrational, human emotion typically triggered by psychological, emotional, or physical pain. It can be characterized by a feeling or desire… Read More »Anger

                            Coping Strategies For Depression

                            Coping With Depression

                              Depression is a challenging mental condition. But, coping with depression can be easy with the right therapy, medication, and self-help strategies.