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personality disorders



    Sociopath refers to an individual who is suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). It is a mental health condition where a person often shows a… Read More »Sociopath

    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline Personality Disorder

      Borderline personality disorder is a psychiatric condition that affects our emotional regulation and distorts our self-image and sense of reality.

      What Is Therapy


        Therapy refers to a treatment process that includes consulting with a therapist for resolving problematic feelings, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and other psychological issues. It involves… Read More »Therapy



          Narcissism refers to excessive self-overvaluation that can cause a distorted sense of self-worth and reduce a person’s empathic receptivity. Although most of us tend to… Read More »Narcissism

          Understanding Introversion


            Introversion refers to a personality trait that is characterized by a tendency to prefer one’s inner thoughts and feelings instead of external stimuli. Introverts tend… Read More »Introversion



              Gaslighting refers to a psychological manipulation strategy that is used to influence, intimidate or gain power over someone. It can make the victim doubt their… Read More »Gaslighting



                A psychopath typically refers to a psychologically unstable and egocentric individual who possesses traits of antisocial personality and lacks empathy and remorse. Although highly charismatic… Read More »Psychopath

                What Is Stalking


                  Stalking is a type of behavior that involves persistent and unwanted surveillance, attention, harassment or any other type of conduct that is directed towards a… Read More »Stalking

                  Aggression site


                    Aggression is characterized by anger or violent feelings along with harmful social interaction and an intention of inflicting damage to others. What Is Aggression? Aggression… Read More »Aggression



                      A workaholic suffers from the consequences of his work addiction. Know who a workaholic is and how his/her addiction can be treated.



                        Neuroticism refers to a broad personality trait that allows a person to experience several anxious and negative emotions. It is one of the five personality… Read More »Neuroticism

                        Cynicism In Psychology


                          Cynicism refers to an attitude or mindset characterized by distrust or doubt about the apparent motives of others. It also refers to an ancient Greek… Read More »Cynicism

                          What Is Anger


                            Anger is a natural, sometimes irrational, human emotion typically triggered by psychological, emotional, or physical pain. It can be characterized by a feeling or desire… Read More »Anger

                            Conscientiousness site


                              Conscientiousness is one of the big five personality traits characterized by the tendency to be responsible, organized, goal-oriented, and reliable. What Is Conscientiousness? Conscientiousness is… Read More »Conscientiousness



                                HEXACO refers to a six-dimensional model of human personality which was invented after discovering the evidence of the sixth personality factor. What Is HEXACO? HEXACO… Read More »Hexaco



                                  Extroversion is a personality trait characterized by friendliness, energy, and outgoingness. An extrovert primarily focuses on obtaining gratification from outside oneself. What Is Extroversion? Extroversion,… Read More »Extroversion

                                  Dark Traid

                                  Dark Triad

                                    The dark triad consists of the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. What Is The Dark Triad? It refers to a psychological concept that… Read More »Dark Triad