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psychotic disorders



    Catatonia is characterized by a group of certain symptoms that usually involve a lack of movement and communication and also include agitation, confusion, and restlessness.… Read More »Catatonia

    What Is Therapy


      Therapy refers to a treatment process that includes consulting with a therapist for resolving problematic feelings, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and other psychological issues. It involves… Read More »Therapy

      What Is Schizophrenia


        Schizophrenia is a serious mental health condition that is considered as a type of psychosis by medical professionals. With self-help and effective treatment, you can… Read More »Schizophrenia

        Dissociative Identity Disorder

        Dissociative Identity Disorder

          Dissociative identity disorder is a very rare and complex disorder. Know what it is, and its symptoms, causes, and treatment methods.

          What Is Personality


            Personality refers to a person’s thoughts, emotions, attitude, mood, behavior and opinions that characterize who they are as an individual. It is a crucial aspect… Read More »Personality

            Aggression site


              Aggression is characterized by anger or violent feelings along with harmful social interaction and an intention of inflicting damage to others. What Is Aggression? Aggression… Read More »Aggression

              psychosis site


                Psychosis refers to a lack or loss of connection with reality and involves severe hallucinations and/or delusions. It can be a sign of different psychiatric… Read More »Psychosis

                What Is Anger


                  Anger is a natural, sometimes irrational, human emotion typically triggered by psychological, emotional, or physical pain. It can be characterized by a feeling or desire… Read More »Anger