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schizophrenia disorders

What Is Personality


    Personality refers to a person’s thoughts, emotions, attitude, mood, behavior and opinions that characterize who they are as an individual. It is a crucial aspect… Read More »Personality

    What Is Therapy


      Therapy refers to a treatment process that includes consulting with a therapist for resolving problematic feelings, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and other psychological issues. It involves… Read More »Therapy

      Schizophrenia site


        Schizophrenia is a debilitating psychiatric disorder involving symptoms of psychosis, mood disorders, as well as cognitive and behavioral disorders.



          Catatonia is characterized by a group of certain symptoms that usually involve a lack of movement and communication and also include agitation, confusion, and restlessness.… Read More »Catatonia

          Ganser Syndrome

          Ganser Syndrome

            Ganser Syndrome is an uncommon and rare condition where a person purposely and deliberately acts as if he/she has a physical or psychological instability although… Read More »Ganser Syndrome