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sleep disorders



    Loneliness refers to a distressing state of mind that can make someone feel alone, empty, abandoned, and unwanted. When the feeling of being isolated worsens… Read More »Loneliness

    What Is Sleep


      Understanding the fundamentals of sleep, the health benefits it holds, and the ways we can improve it.

      What Is Insomnia


        Insomnia is a sleep disorder where sufferers find it difficult to fall or stay asleep and are unable to feel rested after waking up, leading… Read More »Insomnia

        Addiction Changes The Brain


          Addiction is a chronic biopsychosocial condition that is caused by a combination of factors like genetics, brain structure, environment and life experiences. People addicted to… Read More »Addiction



            Feeling sleepy is a common experience, but excessive daytime sleepiness can affect the quality of your life. Hypersomnia or Hypersomnolence leads to excessive sleepiness despite… Read More »Hypersomnia

            parasomnia featured


              Parasomnia is a sleeping disorder characterized by abnormal behaviour while sleeping. This can include abnormal movements, behaviours, perceptions, emotions, or dreams such as night terrors,… Read More »Parasomnia

              REM Sleep

              REM Sleep

                Rapid Eye Movement (REM), is a stage of sleep, which constitutes about 25% of the total time spent in sleep. It is of interest due… Read More »REM Sleep

                Dreaming site


                  Dreaming is a natural and normal human experience which involves a series of images, thoughts, sensations, ideas, and feelings occurring automatically in our mind when… Read More »Dreaming

                  What Is Jet Lag

                  Jet Lag

                    Jet lag or desynchronosis is a short-term sleep disorder that affects individuals who travel through several time zones in a short period of time. It… Read More »Jet Lag