Anger Test

Do you frequently get angry? Do you find it difficult to control your anger and hold back your grudges? Do you feel unable to manage yourself when you lose your temper? Do you also engage in verbal and physical fights when you become angry? Take our online anger test and check your anger level.

What Is Anger?

Anger is one of the basic human emotions, characterized by feelings of stress, frustration, and irritation. An individual gets angry when he/she thinks or feels that something has gone wrong or someone has done anything wrong to the person. Anger can also be a good thing, as it gives way to expressing negative feelings, or solving unresolved conflicts.

But excessive anger can cause problems by increasing blood pressure and other physical and behavioral changes making the person challenging to think straight and deal effectively with the problem.

Anger is related to the “fight, flight, or freeze” response of the sympathetic nervous system; it prepares humans to fight. Some of the characteristics of anger are-

  • Increased energy levels and body temperature
  • Spike in hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline
  • Increased muscle tension and clenched fists
  • Raised voices
  • Trembling, rapid increase in heartbeats

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Instructions For Taking Anger Test Online

Below is a list of items that relate to an individual’s anger level. Please read each item carefully, and select options that you find relevant for you.

Please note: This anger test is a self-assessment.

No. of questions – 20