Social Support Test

Social Support Test

Do your friends and family support you when you need it? Are you able to access supporting resources during an emergency? Do you find someone who listens, cares for you, and encourages you throughout your journey? Take this social support test to check whether you are receiving the help and encouragement you need.

What is Social Support?

Social support refers to the assistance, care, and comfort that individuals receive from their social networks, such as family, friends, colleagues, and communities. It encompasses emotional, informational, and instrumental support provided by others in times of need, stress, or crisis.

Social support plays a crucial role in promoting mental and physical health, reducing stress, and enhancing resilience. It provides a buffer against adversity, boosts self-esteem, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Strong social support networks are associated with improved coping abilities, lower rates of depression and anxiety, and better overall well-being. An individual with social support exhibits:

  • Close and supportive relationships for spending quality time together
  • A strong network of friends who offer listening without judgment
  • A supportive partner or spouse, to share inner thoughts, and feelings
  • Professional network or mentorship program, to receive guidance, advice, and career-related support
  • Participation in support groups for a particular interest, hobby, or health condition

Instructions For Taking Social Support Test

Below is a list of statements related to the availability of social support in various situations of life. Please read each statement carefully and rate the extent to which these are relevant to you.

Please note: This social support test is a self-assessment.

No. of questions – 15

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