Binge-Watching Test

Binge watching test

Do you enjoy watching multiple episodes of a TV series in one sitting? Do you compromise your daily routine to catch up with your favorite shows? Are you more drawn towards spending time watching shows than spending time with friends and family? Take this Binge-Watching Test to determine if you exhibit signs of binge-watching.

What Is Binge-Watching?

Binge-watching is a behavioral characteristic that refers to watching multiple episodes of television shows or movies in one sitting. In today’s digital society, with the availability of Netflix, Disney+, and other online streaming platforms, individuals get an easy scope to watch shows and movies for long, uninterrupted periods, using any available device such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.

According to research, the phenomenon of binge-watching can be a great way to relax and de-stress, but it can negatively affect our health and well-being. Binge-watching can lead to irritability, anxiety, sleep problems and fatigue, social isolation, decreased physical activity, behavioral addiction, and cognitive decline over time.

A few signs of binge-watching include:

  • Watching multiple episodes of a series/TV show for long hours
  • Losing track of time while watching TV
  • Neglecting other responsibilities, such as work or school, in favor of watching shows or movies
  • Remaining in isolation or avoiding direct interaction with others
  • Staying up late to watch TV and experiencing fatigue as a result

Instructions For Taking Binge-Watching Test Online

Below is a list of items that relate to an individual’s signs of Binge-Watching. Please read each item carefully, and select options that you find relevant for you.

Please note: This binge-watching test is a self-assessment and not a diagnostic tool.

No. of questions – 15

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