Empathy Test

Do you possess the ability to comprehend what others are thinking or feeling? Are you able to provide a non-judgmental space for others to express their thoughts and feelings openly? Alternatively, do you find yourself becoming emotionally invested in others’ distress too easily? Take this Empathy test to discover your level of empathy.

What Is Empathy?

Empathy is a fundamental aspect of human nature that allows us to connect with and understand others on a deeper level. It is the ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others, and to respond in a way that is supportive and compassionate.

Empathy is important because it allows individuals to build strong relationships with others, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively towards common goals. It is also a critical component of personal growth and development, helping people to become more open-minded, understanding, and accepting of others.

People with high empathy tend to have:

  • Strong ability to understand and feel the emotions of others
  • Good listening skills and show a genuine interest in understanding others
  • Able to build meaningful and positive relationships with others
  • Ability to understand nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, and tone of voice
  • Skilled at resolving conflicts

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Instructions For Taking Empathy Test Online

Below is a list of statements related to an individual’s traits of empathy. Please read each statement carefully and rate the extent to which these are relevant to you.

Please note: This online empthy test is a self-assessment.

No. of questions – 15