Fear Of Intimacy Test

Are you finding it challenging to establish meaningful connections with others? Do you find yourself hesitating to share your deepest thoughts and emotions with those close to you? Perhaps you long for closeness but struggle to navigate the path toward it, or maybe you avoid social gatherings and parties due to an underlying fear of intimacy. If any of these experiences resonate with you, you may benefit from taking this fear of intimacy test to gain insights into your relationship with intimacy.

What Is Fear Of Intimacy?

A fear of intimacy is a phenomenon that affects a person’s ability to form or maintain close relationships. People with this fear do not usually reject intimacy intentionally from another. Instead, they may behave in ways that create stress in a relationship, resulting in an early end, before any deeper intimacy can develop.

This affects not a romantic relationship but also friendships and family relationships. In some other cases, it may be seen that people with this condition long for closeness, but frequently push others away or sabotage relationships.

This can stem from several causes, including certain childhood experiences such as a history of abuse or neglect, or trauma from past horrific relationships. This condition is sometimes also found to be misinterpreted as anger, indifference, or coldness.

Some of the sign of people with fears of intimacy includes:

  • Having low self-esteem and confidence
  • Having trust issues and a history of unstable relationships
  • Actively avoiding physical contact
  • Having trouble forming or committing to close relationships
  • Living in self-imposed social isolation

Instructions For Taking Fear Of Intimacy Test

Below is a list of statements that relate to an individual’s fear of intimacy. Please read each statement carefully, and select options that you find relevant for you.

Please note: This test is a self-assessment and not a diagnostic test.

No. of questions – 15