Parenting Style Test

Parenting Style Test

Do you actively listen to your child’s problems and encourage them to share their opinions and feelings? Do you prioritize spending quality time with your child? Do you celebrate and acknowledge your child’s small achievements, or do you always expect them to strictly follow your instructions? Take this online parenting style test to determine whether your parenting style is democratic or not.

What Is Parenting?

Parenting style refers to the overall approach and patterns of behaviors and attitudes that a parent exhibits when raising their child. There are several different parenting styles, including authoritarian, permissive, authoritative or democratic, and uninvolved, each with its different characteristics and effects on child development.

This self-assessment is focussing on the democratic parenting style, as many research scholars and experts agree that democratic parenting is the most effective parenting style to nurture the development and functioning of a child along different domains of life. It emphasizes mutual respect and collaboration between parents and children.

Some characteristics of democratic parenting are:

  • Active engagement with children in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Encouraging children to make choices in daily life
  • Setting boundaries and rules while also allowing flexibility
  • Open communication and active listening to children’s thoughts and feelings
  • Appreciating and rewarding for child’s positive behavior

Instructions For Taking Parenting Style Test Online

Below is a list of statements that indicates a democratic parenting style. Please read each statement carefully and rate the extent to which these are relevant to you.

Please note: This parenting checklist is an assessment for the parent.

No. of questions – 15

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