Anxiety Disorder Test: Mental Health Assessment

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Anxiety is our body’s way of alerting us to imminent threat or danger. However, sometimes anxiety can be out of proportion to the threat. It can cause us unnecessary distress and impair our ability to function in everyday life.

If you have been feeling anxious lately, take this quick test to find out whether you might benefit from professional help for your symptoms. Please note: This is a self assessment and not a replacement for a doctor’s diagnosis.

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Anxiety is the body’s adaptive response to stress caused by a traumatic event. It is characterized by feelings of tension, apprehension, nervousness, fear, and recurring intrusive thoughts.

Anxiousness is a natural sensation; it’s the way your brain alerts you of an imminent threat ahead of you. It’s normal to experience or be anxious during challenging situations, like facing an important exam or giving a big presentation. But some people experience it more than others. This disorder is more deep-rooted than temporary panic. Some of the physical symptoms of this disorder include increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness and trembling. If the symptoms interfere with day-to-day activities such as job performance and relationships, then it’s concerning.

This disorder is usually treated with psychotherapy and medicines. There are several options to treat this disorder, but individuals should always consult with a psychiatrist to find the medication that is right for them.

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Instructions For Taking Anxiety Disorder Test

Please read the following questions carefully and select the most appropriate option based on how you have been feeling for the past month.

Approx time – 10 minutes
No. of questions – 20

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