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Self Control Test

    Self Control site

    The ability to control one’s feelings, emotions, impulses, and actions is self-control. The following free test was established with the aim of assessing one’s level of self-control.

    Learn More About Self Control

    Self control is a person’s ability to manage their emotions, impulses and behaviors, so that he/she can focus on their long-term goals instead of giving in to momentary temptations that they regret later.

    So self control is essential for the fulfillment of individual goals. It is a cognitive mechanism, mainly rooted in the prefrontal cortex, which is larger for humans than other animals and filled with nerve connections. It is the seat for planning, evaluating options, and making decisions. This sophisticated executive process helps human beings to suppress impulsive reactions by favoring a more acceptable form of context-specific behavior.

    Self-control is a valuable trait to cultivate- especially for those who think that their dreams and goals are slipping away. A person who lacks self-control can react in a number of impulsive ways; including frustration, physical aggression, or turning to unhealthful coping mechanisms.

    Instructions For Taking Self Control

    Be as honest as possible when answering the questions as that will provide the most accurate results. Read every statement carefully and answer which option applies best to you.

    Approx time – 12.5 minutes
    No. of questions – 25