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Resilience Test

Resilience Test
Resilience Test

How resilient are you? Are you someone who struggles with bouncing back from difficult situations? Take this free test to assess whether you should work on improving your coping skills or if you are excellent at recovering from challenging situations.

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Resilience is not a trampoline, where you’re down one moment and up the next. It’s more like climbing a mountain without a trail map. It takes time, strength, and help from people around you.

It is not a tool that eliminates stress or life challenges. You are more likely to experience setbacks along the way. But eventually, you reach the top and look back at how far you’ve come. It empowers people to accept and adapt to challenging situation and move forward.

Being resilient is important because it gives people the strength that is required to process and overcome hardship. People who lack resilience tend to get easily overwhelmed and may resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges and work through their problems. Resilient people are more positive and realistic than non-resilient people. They also have high emotional intelligence and regulation. Resilient people know how to stay calm even in times of turmoil and distress. Instead of falling apart, they resort to healthy coping strategies to overcome the challenges posed by life.

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For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Try to answer questions as you are, rather than as you think you should be, and don’t worry if some questions seem to score in the “wrong direction.” When you are done, click the “Finish Assessment” button at the bottom of the test. Please note the advice suggested to you by our experts.

Approx time – 5 minutes
No. of questions – 10