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Self Esteem: Mental Health Assessment

Self Esteem: Mental Health Assessment

Self Esteem is the subjective assessment of one’s own worth by a person. Your general level of self-esteem is measured by this test. To discover your true sense of self, take this free online test.

Learn More About Self Esteem

Do you lack self esteem? Self-esteem is your sense of personal worth; it is a measure of how much you appreciate yourself.

There are a number of factors that affect a person’s self-esteem, like self-confidence, sense of identity and belonging, feeling of security and competence. A healthy sense of self-esteem is crucial for your overall well-being. A person with a strong sense of self-worth is aware of his/her potential and confident about facing new challenges. They have a positive view of themselves and believe that they deserve to be treated with respect. On the other hand, low self-esteem negatively affects your relationships, emotional health and performance at work. People with poor self-esteem have trouble making decisions and are unsure of their abilities.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to overcome your self-esteem issues and feel more valued. The most important step is to challenge negative thought patterns and replace them with positive self-talk and compassion.

Instructions :

Be as honest as possible while answering the questions since that will provide the most accurate results. Read every statement carefully and select the option that applies best to you.

Approx time – 10 minutes
No. of questions – 20