Sex Addiction Test

Sex Addiction Test

Do you find yourself excessively preoccupied with sex, engaging in multiple casual sexual relationships, and regularly consuming pornography? Are your sexual behaviors negatively affecting your partner’s well-being? Take this online sex addiction test to determine if you may be displaying signs of sex addiction.

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is a mental health condition that is characterized by excessive sexual thoughts, desires, urges, or behaviors that an individual finds difficult to control which cause distress and harm to their relationships, finances, and other aspects of their life.

People with this condition keep their behavior secret and might lie about their activities, such as masturbation, pornography, phone sex cyber, sexual engagement with multiple partners, and more.

Some of the signs of this condition are-

  • Preoccupation with having sex, even when it interferes with daily work performance
  • feeling remorse or guilt after engaging in sex
  • Inability to stop or control such behaviors

Instructions For Taking Sex Addiction Test Online

A list of questions is mentioned in this SEX ADDICTION SELF-TEST which is related to life experiences that are common among people who have signs of Sex Addiction. Please read each question carefully, and indicate how often you have experienced the same or similar signs.

Please note: This is not a diagnostic tool and is only meant for self-assessment.

No. of questions – 20

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