Can Spring Cleaning Boost Our Mental Health?

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Spring Cleaning Can Boost Your Mental Health
  • Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning one’s home during the spring season.
  • Recent studies have confirmed the long-term mental health benefits of spring cleaning.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a term used to describe the practice of thoroughly cleaning and decluttering one’s home during the spring season. It often involves cleaning tasks that go beyond regular day-to-day cleaning, such as deep cleaning carpets, washing windows, dusting high and hard-to-reach areas, organizing and decluttering closets and storage spaces, and generally refreshing and revitalizing the home after the long winter months.

Cleaning your house during the spring season is a tradition in many cultures and is often seen as a way to welcome the arrival of spring, symbolizing a fresh start and a renewed sense of cleanliness and order in the home.

Spring Cleaning And Mental Health

Several studies claim that the very ritual of cleaning and the decluttering of our physical spaces during the spring season can have positive impacts on our mental well-being.

The benefits of spring cleaning extend beyond cleanliness, cloaking in the effectiveness of strategies that promote mindfulness or stress reduction. The different ways spring cleaning impacts your mental health include:

  1. Boosting moods
  2. providing a sense of control and order
  3. Creating a more calming and peaceful environment at home
  4. Improving productivity and mental clarity
  5. Promoting a sense of self-nurturing
  6. Enhancing mindfulness
  7. improving mental and emotional well-being

Bettering Spring Cleaning For Mental Wellness

Spring cleaning, as easy and subjective as it seems, sometimes involves adequate planning and preparation. Consider creating a plan, decluttering, using natural cleaning products, and involving the whole family in the process.

Also, make sure to take breaks, be thorough, and maintain cleanliness throughout the year. Remember, physical and mental spring cleaning is not a one-time event, but rather an opportunity to create healthy cleaning habits that can be sustained throughout the year.

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