How To Raise Happy, Successful Children – Expert Mind Talk With Dr Jim Taylor

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As a parent, it’s only natural that you would want to be the best guiding force in your child’s life. You would want to teach them all the right things, help them stay on the right track, and guide them to unlock their full potential.

However, parenting isn’t always smooth sailing, is it? There might be moments when you feel like you are not being a good parent, or maybe you are doing something wrong. It’s okay. Experiencing emotions like this is normal because you are human after all.

For this Expert Mind Talk, we have with us Jim Taylor, Ph.D. Psychology, who is an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of performance, parenting, technology, and popular culture. Dr. Taylor has worked with parents, young people, and educators for over 30 years, and his insight and wisdom about parenting are eye-opening. He is also the author of 19 critically acclaimed books.

In this Mind Talk Session, Dr Taylor speaks about whether or not you should push your child on the path to greatness, how you can send the healthiest messages to them as a parent, and some priceless tips about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to raising happy and successful children.

Check out the video now to know more about all the dos’ and don’ts’ of raising independent, successful, and happy children.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • How To Raise A Successful And Happy Child? (3:46)
  • Should I Push My Child? (4:34)
  • Three Pillars Of Successful Achievers. (10:00)
  • How Do Children Become Who They Become? (12:00)
  • How Can I Be Sure I’m Sending The Healthiest Messages To My Children? (19:02)
  • 5 Things Dr. Jim Believes About Technology. (20:41)
  • The Power Of Parents. (26:00)
  • Introduction to KIDS 3.0 (27:15)
  • Q&A Session With Our Audience. (28:56)
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