Renowned Music Maestro AR Rahman Unveils Deep Personal Struggles and Inspirational Wisdom in Candid Oxford Union Discussion

AR Rahman

Battling Inner Demons and Discovering Purpose

AR Rahman poured his heart out to students at the Oxford Union in a no holds barred session that opened up his past of suicide thoughts.

He said that her mother’s sound advice was like a lighthouse that showed him the way from the darkest pit within him.

Kareema Begum’s words “I don’t think you will have such thoughts when you live for others” became Rahman’s life principle defined by purpose.

Mother’s Wisdom as a Guiding Principle

In this light, Rahman spoke about how acts of kindness, big or small, had given his life so much meaning.

From making soul-stirring music to just smiling at another person, he advocated for living on purpose.

This philosophy along with having an optimistic attitude and realizing that life is a fleeting journey underpins his resilience.

Serving Others as the Antidote to Despair

In a very emotional conversation, AR Rahman talked about the deep impact of dedicating oneself to serving others, narrating an eventful journey that brought him personal contentment and became a source of inspiration to millions.

Rahman has been able to connect with different audiences through his music, which speaks a language that resonates with many people.

The maestro stresses the importance of having a higher motivation for work, saying that it stretches beyond one’s self-satisfaction.

According to Rahman, this alignment not only improves the quality of their artwork but also serves as an effective tool to survive through tough personal times.

While talking about depression and hopelessness, he explains how benevolence connects with inventiveness and resilience in order for people to recognize some value in their lives, too.

Acknowledging Occasional Feelings of Stagnancy

There are times when Rahman admitted feeling stagnant during his creative journey; however, he believes in a bigger picture guiding all his artistic works.

The admission of these dry periods is testament to the humility of this maestro and shows his unwavering dedication towards personal growth and artistry.

Privacy on Spiritual Matters

Despite being open about some personal battles, Rahman was hesitant about discussing spirituality in public.

He further added that human struggles are universal, but beliefs are deeply individualistic.

According to Rahman, what comes after resides in personal imagination, individual conviction but not in an organized religion meaning that spirituality is a personal matter which can never be shared with the rest of the world.

Life’s Transience and the Unknown Beyond

The insights Rahman gave on life’s transience were profound. He emphasized that life is a short journey whose end is certain.

The maestro’s words carried a sense of universality, admitting to the uncertainty of what lies behind and allowing for individual interpretation and belief.

AR Rahman’s Musical Endeavors and Creative Prowess

Changing the topic to Rahman’s successful career in music, their performance covered his most recent contribution in the film industry.

His latest addition to his rich collection was the film “Pippa” whose music was composed by him.

Upcoming projects of this maestro include Sivakarthikeyan’s “Ayalaan,” Rajinikanth’s “Lal Salam,” and Ajay Devgan’s “Maidaan” will have people mesmerized with his extraordinary musical talent.

In conclusion, the universe is waiting for AR Rahman’s next musical masterpiece as everyone anticipates it.

Despite being a very great musician, his music alone does not inspire and make people feel better but also lessons about life that are insightful.

This is the inspiring story of how he moved from his lowest point to the highest peak of his career as if it were a demonstration of the capability of resilience, purpose and wisdom of a mother.

In narrating about his own struggles and sharing philosophical ideas with us, AR Rahman wants us to think about our own lives and comprehend life symphony.

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  • Renowned Music Maestro AR Rahman Unveils Deep Personal Struggles and Inspirational Wisdom in Candid Oxford Union Discussion