Carson Valley Health’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic Enhances Support for Children with Play Therapy Upgrade

Carson Valley Health

A Fresh Leap in Treating Children

The Carson Valley Health Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic has witnessed a massive improvement in its play therapy resources to cater for the needs of its youngest patients thanks to funding from the Carson Valley Health Foundation.

The person at the forefront of this is Marriage and Family Therapist Shalini Malasingam who not only got the funds, but also acquired updated play therapy equipment.

She as well updated specialized training in play therapy, family therapy, and therapy for children and adolescents.

Carson Valley Health’s New Directions in Pediatric Therapy

Erin Dudley, Manager of Behavioral Health Services at Carson Valley pointed out how important it was that Shalini Malasingam began working at this clinic last spring and is the first provider ever dedicated to treatment of children and adolescents at this location.

“This is our first provider who specializes in this population of patients so she wanted to expand on what we already had as far as play therapy equipment goes and offer more services for our clients,” Dudley said.

Behavioral Health Services in Brief

The Behavioral Health Services Clinic provides an array of mental health services such as psychiatric medication management, individual and couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.

Medication management is offered to patients three years or above while therapy typically starts around five years taking into account individual requirements.

“The most common things that we see people come into our clinic for are depression, anxiety, trauma substance abuse and ADHD,” explained Dudley.

Play Therapy: The Road to Whole-Person Growth

This has resulted in additional play therapy tools being purchased with updated equipment alongside targeted training programs that demonstrate the clinic’s dedication towards holistic well-being among its young clientele.

“Play therapy benefits children because it is an interactive experience provided during treatment that enables them think thoughts and feel differently about themselves helping them acquire skills within their range,” added Dudley.

For example, through play they learn problem-solving skills which improve emotional regulation and communication skills not forgetting creativity; responsibility; confidence building and resilience as they develop.

A Community-Driven Endeavor

Carson Valley Health Foundation is well-known for its community involvement. The organization obtains money by means of public donations and yearly fund raising events, all geared towards enhancing Carson Valley Health’s programs and services.

“We are consistently evaluating our programs and what service we have to offer to see what other needs the community has and how we may be able to adjust our services or create new services to meet the needs of the community,” stated Dudley.

“The children were a huge focus for us so that was the biggest area where we had growth.”

Community Impact and Inclusivity

Carson Valley Health Foundation’s participation highlights the importance of community support in healthcare development.

Donations from the community and fundraising events ensure that the clinic can adapt its services as well as extend them to meet population dynamics.

Future Perspectives

The Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic of Carson Valley Health is changing and developing with the primary aim being to respond to the needs of its community.

The recent concentration on pediatric therapy along with the upgrading of play therapy services shows a proactive approach in addressing mental-health concerns among the youngest members of the society.

With Shalini Malasingam front lining on this, there is optimism that the clinic will continue to explore innovative avenues to improve mental health services.

This is why specialized training and updated equipment have been introduced at Carson Valley Health.

They attest to the dedication of health care professionals who are determined at creating a conducive environment for patients seeking mental health aid.

In conclusion, new developments in the Carson Valley Health’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic highlight the importance of community-led initiatives in shaping mental health service provision as it exists today.

This influx of monies, combined with individuals such as Shalini Malasingam who are committed to making things better, promises nothing but greater inclusivity and a brighter future for persons looking for help with their mental wellbeing in Carson Valley.

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  • Carson Valley Health’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic Enhances Support for Children with Play Therapy Upgrade