Cher Seeks Conservatorship for Son Elijah Blue Allman Over Substance Abuse Concerns

Cher and her son Elijah

Legendary singer and actress Cher has filed for conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman, who is 47 years old.

This filing which took place at Los Angeles Superior Court is based on the continual substance abuse of Allman and the tumultuous relationship he has with his estranged wife Marieangela “Angie” King.

Due to these issues, Cher, a Grammy, Emmy and Academy award winner expressed concern about her son’s ability to manage his financial resources.

Financial Concerns and Conservatorship Application

TheWrap has obtained documents that show Cher has taken legal measures by filing for a temporary conservatorship over Allman’s estate.

The move is preceded by her, expressing concerns about Allman’s inability to effectively manage his financial affairs.

Elijah Allman, the son of the late musician Gregg Allman, is a beneficiary of a trust established by his father.

It is Cher’s fear that if Elijah were to receive any monetary distributions from the trust, he might divert them to support his drug addiction rather than using them for essential life needs.

This concern is based on Cher’s belief that such actions could leave Elijah in a very dangerous situation.

In order to protect Allman’s sensitive information, specific information backing up Cher’s assertions was filed under seal with the court.

On the other hand, publicly available documents did not reveal what value or amount of money the trust in question holds.

Concerns Regarding Elijah’s Estranged Wife

One aim of this conservatorship application was to keep Angie King from being his conservator.

She further alleged that King had been fueling and enabling addiction making her detrimental in Elijah’s life.

King had also engaged in numerous cycles of drug consumption and mental instability with Allman according to records filed in court.

Filing by Cher indicated that she did not believe at all that King supported Elijah’s progress or assisted him in obtaining any necessary form of medical care.

It was indicated specifically that recently she had gotten Allman out from where he was being treated for a serious condition possibly indicating an ill motive behind her involvement with him.

Cher’s Efforts and Concerns for Elijah’s Well-being

Her legal papers, however, showed the significant support that Cher had given to her son when he was being rehabilitated.

Her efforts included numerous trials to have Elijah get admitted into a rehab center hence proving her determination to help him get cured.

It is evident in the application that a major concern was expressed: in case Marieangela “Angie” King became Elijah’s conservator, all his assets would be lost in a flash.

Cher worried that these resources could vanish quickly due to some possible self-destructive behaviors by King.

This is an urgent situation that only underscores why Cher decided to take some proactive steps towards protecting the life and economic stability of Elijah.

Upcoming Hearing and Uncertainty

A hearing has been scheduled for January 5 to hear a temporary order regarding the conservatorship. It is worth mentioning that Cher does not know whether Elijah Allman will show up in court on this day.

Cher’s conclusion in this legal document is her assertion that it would not be wise to make Marieangela “Angie” King his conservator.

This appointment raises serious concern for Cher, as it could threaten Elijah’s health and financial security.

This whole situation reveals the heart-rending experiences of struggling families with drug addiction issues.

It brings to mind how complex and painful these processes are, when they occur, with respect to ensuring the safety and welfare of beloved ones who happen to be drug addicts.

By doing this, he/she is explicitly stating how Elijah Blue Allman’s case is so serious as it shows what lengths parents will go in protecting their child from the destructive effects caused by drug-induced self-destruction.

Cher’s actions signal the seriousness of the matter thereby underpinning her commitment and effort towards saving a loved one from drug-related hazards.

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