Depression in New Fathers Linked With Relationship Insecurities, According To Studies


Parenthood often presents new challenges and stress, and may even trigger depression. A recent study reported that new fathers are more likely to suffer from depression. It was also pointed out that postnatal depression is directly linked with relationship insecurities with their significant other.

Depression affects almost 10 to 12 percent of new mothers and almost 8 percent of fathers. According to a study conducted by psychologist Eila Psouni at least one in five fathers experience depressive symptoms. Men who are affected often have a negative view of themselves and tend to become anxious about being inadequate in their intimate relationships. Psouni said “having a negative view of oneself, one’s own characteristics and abilities, while valuing other people highly often leads to a constant worry about not being good enough, about disappointing others and potentially losing them.”

The study also found a direct relationship between low self-confidence in close relationships and symptoms of depression. Men whose partners suffered postpartum depression were found to be overrepresented and that very few of them received professional help. It is crucial to keep the relationship dynamics between parents in check since both partners tend to affect one another.

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