Dr. Jessi Gold Named Inaugural Chief Wellness Officer for University of Tennessee System

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Dr. Jessi Gold

A mind-blowing move has been taken, that will redefine the mental health support within higher education.

Dr. Jessi Gold has been appointed as the inaugural chief wellness officer at the University of Tennessee (UT) System and is set to change the game in mental health support.

Dr. Gold is already known for her advocacy around healthcare worker mental health, burnout, and raising awareness about mental health issues from her immense expertise in this area.

The appointment of Dr. Jessi Gold marks an important occasion for top academic institutions that want to have a culture of holistic well-being because of the prominence of the position of chief wellness officer.

Dr. Gold’s experience as a psychiatrist at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis where she once served as an outpatient psychiatrist positions her accordingly for this task.

Her obligations encompass becoming a psychiatrist at University Health Services for UTHSC Memphis campus mainly working with students.

From Washington University, she was especially recognized for outstanding contributions during COVID-19 and awarded Dean’s Impact Award for unwavering dedication to frontline workers’ mental health.

Dr. Jessi Gold comes into this new job after having previously served as director, Wellness, Engagement and Outreach; Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry at Washington University wherein she brings so much experience and innovation into it.

Clinical practice besides being an academicist and media advocate is where she thrives most.

She writes prolifically such that some of her works appear in renowned publications like New York Times, The Washington Post or Atlantic among others.

She has been in demand due to comments on general culture regarding psychiatric health with visits to different TV platforms like CBS or NPR or TIME or PBS Newshour.

Dr.Gold’s latest book “How Do You Feel?: One Doctor’s Search for the Soul of Medicine” is due to be published next year under Simon & Schuster’s imprint; eagerly anticipated by thousands who follow her on social media.

In her mind’s eye for this role, Dr. Jessi Gold highlights that not only should the programs be implemented but also an atmosphere conducive for students to feel okay using available mental health resources.

Her purpose is to change how mental health is discussed and offer a safe place for conversation and support among all UT system peers, faculty members, and employees.

Dr. Jessi Gold has excellent qualifications that started with a BA in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and later an MS in anthropology from the same institution as well as an MD in medicine from Yale Medical School.

She finished her adult psychiatry residency with Stanford University while serving as the chief resident.

Many people are excited about this appointment and are eagerly waiting to see what Dr.Gold will do for the mental health landscape of UT system.

Ron Cowan, MD, PhD, Harrison Distinguished Professor and chair of UTHSC Department of Psychiatry, said he was very excited about Dr. Gold’s knowledge, experience, motivation, and dedication.

In this case, Dr. Bernie Savarese, EdD, MBA, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research and Student Success at the University of Tennessee praised Dr. Gold for her appointment on May 17th, 2017.

Paul Wesolowski, a vice chancellor in Strategic Partnerships at UTHSC concurred with UT System’s aim of promoting mental health and wellness but also stated that it fits into the broader vision of “healthy communities” within Tennessee.

Dr. Jessi Gold just spearheaded something so big that it will be remembered by most universities in America as a turning point when it comes to mental health care delivery in the UT System.

In this holistic framework she has designed for addressing faculty, student and staff welfare across all UT campuses; an altogether different approach is taken by Dr. Jessi Gold who brings together clinical proficiency, academic excellence plus media advocacy in her approach as a leading advocate for mental health among students.

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