Ellie Goulding Finds Solace in Nature Amid Post-Natal Depression Battle

Ellie Goulding: Post-Natal Depression

Ellie Goulding, the famous singer loved by many for her beautiful songs, recently opened up about her fight against post-natal depression after giving birth to her firstborn in 2021.

This occurred when the 36-year-old musician shared her story on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, which helped people understand how nature could help them recover from such situations.

Goulding was frank on how nature was her saviour during this post-natal depression phase.

Taking trips across the country on long walks gave the artist a sense of being rejuvenated and fewer feelings of suffering or feeling dead after childbirth.

“My saving grace was always nature,” Goulding remembered as she explained that even those simple walks brought life back to her.

These walks, according to her, were an antidote that gradually melted away the numbness she experienced during the gloomiest days of her life.

Ellie’s Source of Resilience: The Healing Power of Nature

During their discussion, Ellie revealed how important it was to use natural therapy as a way to treat postpartum depression but also to treat anxiety which has been with me all my life.

According to Ellie’s narrative, growing up in an awful family is what made her love for nature develop.

To escape from a troubled childhood like mine full of turbulence led Goulding to walking around in natural surroundings.

“There was a lot of chaos in my upbringing so my escape route …was going out for walks,” said Goulding referring to an environment where she grew up in while hinting at what she used as stress coping mechanisms.

A Lifelong Struggle: Battling Anxiety

Ellie Goulding’s struggle with anxiety goes beyond just having post-natal depression recently.

She had shared about battling anxiety throughout his life, stemming from when she lost her folks at five years old.

“Conversations often focused around money and whether we could afford something,” recalled Goulding describing one aspect about her upbringing that influenced her growth and mental health.

These experiences in her earlier life were never erased from her mind thus leading to a widespread anxiety through the years.

Understanding the Challenges: Parenthood and Post-Natal Depression

Postnatal depression, which affects roughly one in ten women within 12 months of giving birth, is now recognized as one of the major mental health problems among new mothers.

Post-birth “baby blues” are generally normal within the first weeks of delivery; however, post-natal depression symptoms include persistent low mood, sleep disturbances, poor attachment to the baby and withdrawal from social interaction.

Ellie Goulding’s frank admissions underscored the need for recognizing and managing post-natal depression.

These symptoms can be treated by health care providers such as general practitioners and midwives who offer guidance to these individuals.

Ellie Goulding’s Empowering Narrative: Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Ellie Goulding’s openness about her struggles deeply resonates with many people who have also faced similar issues.

She not only addresses the complexities surrounding mental health but also demonstrates how nature can heal even during difficult times.

In conclusion, just like her, Goulding intends to remove the stigma associated with mental health by sharing her personal journey so as to motivate people to ask for assistance in their lives’ dark moments.

In the face of adversity, she has survived, and this gives hope to others that they too can be strong and embrace vulnerability by befriending nature.

Ellie Goulding’s profound revelation about her post-natal depression and lifelong anxiety reveals how powerful nature can be when it comes to healing mental health problems.

By telling her story openly, Ellie Goulding calls for a more inclusive approach towards mental health issues characterized by compassion and understanding among fellow sufferers.

Her resilience and willingness to share her vulnerabilities serve as a powerful reminder that amidst darkness, there’s strength in seeking help and finding solace in the beauty of nature.

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