‘Toxic Love Disorder’: A Paradigm-Shifting Literary Masterpiece by an International Team of Experts Hits the Shelves!



new book toxic love disorder

A team of renowned experts from across the globe has come together to present ‘Toxic Love Disorder’ to the world. This new groundbreaking book is now officially released by The Minds Journal Collection and promises to be a transformative force in the realm of mental health, relationships and self-discovery.

A Collaborative Endeavor by World-Class Authors

Toxic Love Disorder‘ is not just another book; it’s a collective work of wisdom, care, and unparalleled expertise. Authored by a stellar team of luminaries including Dr. Angel J. Storm, Beverly Flaxington, Christy Piper, Christina (common ego), Dominique Inkrott, Darlene Lancer, Dr. Elinor Greenberg, Dr. Forrest Talley, Jesston Williams, Dr. Josh Gressel, Julie L. Hall, Dr. Kristin Davin, Kim Saeed, Kaytee Gillis, Dr. Mariette Jansen, Dr. Peg O’connor, and Signe M. Hegestand. ‘Toxic Love Disorder’ is a testament to the dedication and knowledge of these global experts. Learn more about the authors here.

A Gateway to Transformation

‘Toxic Love Disorder’ is a comprehensive guide to understanding, overcoming, and healing from toxic relationships. Within its pages, readers will discover the secrets to recognizing toxic patterns, cultivating self-love, and establishing healthier connections. This book empowers individuals with practical strategies to break free from the chains of toxicity and uncover the reservoirs of strength within.

Global Acclaim and Life-Altering Insights

Already, Toxic Love Disorder book has garnered international attention and acclaim. Early readers have been captivated by its powerful insights and life-changing impact. Some of them are raving about it as the best book on Amazon, with more joining the transformational #toxiclovedisorder with The Minds Journal Collection. This toxic love book transcends boundaries; it is a lifeline for anyone seeking to transform their life and find the love they truly deserve.

Your Key to Happiness and Empowerment

Imagine a future where toxic relationships are a distant memory, where you no longer settle for less than you deserve. ‘Toxic Love Disorder’ is not merely a book; it is your key to happiness and empowerment. It’s a roadmap to a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow.

From this book one will learn how to:

  1. How a seemingly healthy relationship turns toxic
  2. What toxic relationships consist of
  3. What lies at the heart of toxic relationships
  4. Why toxic individuals abuse the people they seemingly love
  5. Why the victim chooses to love and stay with their abuser
  6. What abuse looks like in toxic relationships
  7. How it can affect both the abuser and the abused
  8. How to deal with abuse and toxic patterns
  9. How to finally fix things, if at all
  10. What you can do to get out of a toxic relationship or help someone walk away


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your life. ‘Toxic Love Disorder’ is now available worldwide, waiting to guide you towards the love and happiness you deserve.

Order your copy on –

Amazon – https://tmj.bz/tld

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=XbTWEAAAQBAJ

About The Minds Journal Collection

The Minds Journal Collection is a dynamic publishing house dedicated to illuminating the path towards holistic well-being and self-discovery. At The Minds Journal Collection, we’re passionate about literature’s transformative power. We curate books that nurture minds, inspire souls, and empower lives. From mental health to self-development, spirituality to healthy living, our publications captivate and uplift. Our first masterpiece, “Soul Works,” is a profound exploration of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness; and  our second gem “Toxic Love Disorder,” a guide to healing from toxic relationships. Join our literary adventure where every page ignites change. Explore the human psyche, matters of the heart, and a fulfilling life. Let our words guide your journey to self-discovery and growth.

For more information, please visit – 

1. https://tmj.bz/book 


2. https://themindsjournal.com/toxic-love-disorder/

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