Newly Launched “Happiness India Project” Aims To Make India Happier


Happiness India Project News
  • A recent non-profit initiative titled Happiness India Project was launched to raise the happiness quotient in India.
  • The project strives to promote psychological health and wellness amongst India’s citizenry.

The Project

The Happiness India Project is an extensive citizenship-contact initiative to make India happier by creating engagement and empowerment among all sections of society. The project, curated by entrepreneurs Shweta Shalini and Roshan Roddrigues, was launched on 20 March 2022, on the occasion of World Happiness Day, to help Indians enjoy happier and more fulfilling lives.

The project aims to connect various Indian stakeholders like governmental bodies, mental health professionals (MHPs), and companies in the pursuit of happiness. A defining feature of the initiative is that it takes into account the mental health issues of low-income groups of society who are not so well-versed in mental health, such as home-makers, school children, the rural population, etc.

The Need Of The Hour

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the pre-existing cases of mental health conditions and suicides. This was reflected in India’s 136th ranking amongst the 150 nations ranked in the Global Happiness Index.

Collaborating For Happiness

The Happiness India Project aims to help India climb up the rankings of the Global Happiness Index by 2023, by enabling widespread awareness of mental health and the availability of happiness activities, sessions, and modules. It is collaborating with media outlets, celebrities, and organizations (such as Laughter Yoga, Happiness Clowns, NumeroShakti, Happiness Playlist, etc.) to raise the happiness quotient in India. It has also been included in the festivities of Happiness Week celebrated across the country.

Co-founder, Shweta Shalini, enthusiastically elaborated, “The program will improve emotions of happiness amongst all Indians … and bring the audited vision of what brings happiness to India.”

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