Hayley Kiyoko Opens Up on Mental Health Journey and Advocacy for American Heart Association

Hayley Kiyoko

In an exclusive video interview with Variety, Hayley Kiyoko, a famous singer with a number of hits and bestselling novel to her name, has gone into details regarding the hurdles she faced towards her rise to stardom.

From the effect of long-term stress on her psychological and physiological well-being to why she had to open up about her own struggles, Kiyoko shares some personal stories and partners with American Heart Association for mental health campaigns.

Dealing with Demands of Showbiz

Kiyoko talked candidly about how much pressure she experiences as a result of being in show business for so long and how it has affected both her body and mentality.

Being expected to be constantly on stage and perform is very challenging because it makes Kiyoko think about how she can deal with stress while pursuing her passion.

Earlier Struggles of Kiyoko with Identity and Mental Health

Kiyoko talks about hiding herself as teenager where she says that at sixteen years old, depression and loneliness were being caused by this action.

She was deeply disturbed from having to pretend being someone else including not having any community members who could understand what was happening within her.

Despite all difficulties, Kiyoko found relief in music; playing guitar and writing songs were therapeutic activities for her.

Turning Point: The Breakout of “Girls Like Girls”

One year later after releasing breakout single “Girls Like Girls” in 2015, it went viral thereby becoming a turning point for Kiyoko’s musical career.

This was also when she decided that coming out was necessary since this allowed her to find other people within LGBTQ community who gave their support.

During those days, she remembers fondly the time when she was able to share who she really is through music.

Professional Success versus Personal Tragedy

However, one traumatic event unsettled Kiyoko’s personal life when she had already risen to stardom.

By 2017, she was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and subjected to depression after her father’s heart problem worsened requiring both a heart and liver transplant.

For her, it was emotionally overwhelming because in addition to being at the peak of her career, she had to worry about the potential loss of her dad.

Father Health Scare: A Reality Check

Kiyoko demonstrates how significant her father’s health scare was in terms of helping her evaluate her priorities in life.

Given that Kiyoko’s father was considered too old for a transplant, this meant she might never see him again.

However, the transplant which followed changed everything illustrating how important it is to take care of oneself by going for regular checkups and living a healthy lifestyle devoid of stressors.

Practical Ways to Stay Well

Kiyoko has always kept journals since childhood, thus this habit brings her comfort and she recommends it as well.

She suggests acupuncture, eating right, breathing in fresh air and basking in sunlight or playing some music as tools one can use to handle stress.

Therefore, Kiyoko believes that irrespective of the pressure present in our lives we must live it out truthfully realizing that while some stress is inevitable getting rid of stress triggers through various stress relieving techniques is vital.

Advocating for Mental Health and Heart Health Awareness

Kiyoko highlights on mental health awareness as well as wellbeing campaigns spurred by these experiences.

According to her stress makes a difference by striking at the heart – the very centermost part of our well-being.

She pleads primarily for people’s wellbeing, cautioning them about taking care with their health; and also appeals for them to consider healthier ways of living.

A Personal Journey on Global Scale

In her candid Variety interview, Hayley Kiyoko not only gives insight into her personal struggles but also advocates for mental health and heart health.

Navigating the entertainment industry is difficult, but coming out can be transformative and her father’s health condition was a wake-up call. These are deeply felt experiences by Kiyoko, but they resonate with many people.

Hayley Kiyoko continues to raise awareness on these vital issues using her platform, remaining an inspiration to those battling their own stress, anxiety and depression disorders.

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