India Stands As The Fifth Happiest Market In The World: Ipsos Survey

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  • A recent survey by Ipsos declared India to be the fifth happiest country in the world.
  • The poll was conducted for both urban Indians and their global counterparts.

The Survey

The Ipsos global survey (2022) examined 30 global markets and 20,504 adults with barometers of happiness that are defined by intangible ‘achievements’. These include mental and physical wellness, intimate companionship, parenthood and children, meaningful life, recognition-led success, etc. It also outlined the ‘sources’ of least happiness, namely, immigration, time spent on social media, and new political leadership.

The Findings

The survey shows India amongst the “Top 5” happiest markets, alongside the Netherlands, Australia, China, and Great Britain.

Urban India, particularly, saw a shift in the way it perceived happiness. It seemed as if India counted every blessing and differently assessed the determinants of happiness as it bounced back from the devastating impact of the pandemic.

Instead of materialistic ends, factors like realistic goals, spiritual well-being, job satisfaction, hobbies and interests, national security, etc. contributed to India’s happiness. On the other hand, the state of the economy and the lack of leisure time were reported to be the least-happiness-inducing factors.

Amit Adarkar, the CEO of Ipsos India, remarked on the findings, “Indians have seen horrible times in the bad waves of the pandemic and they’ve learnt to live with the virus. [Now they are] focusing on health, wellbeing, relationships, [and] purpose to access happiness.”

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