Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in Candid Interview

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson, a reality TV star spoke to People magazine in an interview where she talked about the horrifying experience of battling depression and anxiety.

Thus, exposing the mental health crisis that led to hospitalizations in September 2023 which were four months apart from one another.

Staying On the Edge: The Frightening Panic Attack

In her narration of her darkest moment, she experienced a state of panic leaving her confused about her own mind and body.

On September 6th, she suffered a paralyzing panic attack saying, “I didn’t understand what was happening in my head or body or why I was crying. So that was rock bottom for me.”

Mortality In View: Death By Depression and Psychosis

To express how bad it got, the 38-year-old reality star said, “I was dying from depression. I had reached end-of-life and gone into psychosis. I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to continue living anymore.”

Because of this revelation, people can see what kind of fight it has been for Wilkinson which also underscores the urgency of mental health issues.

Lifeline From Yesteryears: Ex-Husband’s Backing

This could not have been possible without Hank Baskett-the man she used to be married to and who retired from playing football as an NFL player.

This is how they found themselves reconnected and together during this crisis. And on that day when everything changed forever, he drove her there.

Thus, Wilkinson said, “That day was a big day in both our lives for me to accept his help and Hank driving me to the hospital.”

The Mirror Image: Facing Mental Health Realities

When reflecting upon it all, Wilkinson confessed that she did not entirely understand just how much she had struggled with until then.

“I didn’t even realize how bad I was suffering or what people were seeing in me until I got there. So, I really had to look in the mirror and be like, ‘I have to go get help,’” she told People.

Round Two: Antipsychotic Medications and Psychotherapy

Soon afterward, she found herself back in the hospital where she started taking an antipsychotic medication called Abilify.

She would also embark on outpatient therapy three times weekly, uncovering unsolved difficulties from her time as one of the girlfriends of Hugh Hefner at Playboy mansion and her divorce with Baskett in 2019.

Thus, the co-occurrence of both methods reflects how mental health care is multifaceted with respect to medical treatment.

A Long Way to Recovery: Surviving Depression

According to Wilkinson, depression isn’t something that just comes and goes but rather is a part of life.

“Depression doesn’t just go away,” said she. “It’s something that stays with you throughout life. You just have to deal with it and acknowledge it as part of yourself. It’s me.”

Developing Hardiness: The Power of Therapy

Furthermore, Wilkinson attributed therapy as being instrumental to creating a tool set which helped her conquer depression through resilience.

Accordingly, “What therapy did was that it built this tool system for me. So now I have strength—I actually now do have the strength and foundation to beat my depression,” she stated.

Children as Motivators: Purpose Discovered in Wilkinson’s Struggles

Wilkinson’s mental health struggles post her divorce and the end of her reality show, she told Melissa Gorga in a podcast appearance on “On Display” in June 2023.

She said that it was only her children that made her survive the ordeal and during this time, she had to drive them to hockey and basketball games, smile at them and watch whatever they were doing. They are the ones who kept me alive.

Mental Health Statistics: The Broader Impact

For example, National Institute of Mental Health posited that 21 million adults in the US have experienced an episode of major depression.

Furthermore, 31.1 % of adults in the US experience anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime signifying the societal pervasiveness of mental health problems.

Kendra Wilkinson has done what is difficult for many people to do; she has gone public about some extremely personal experiences while discussing mental health.

This journey is an indication of how one can bounce back even when they feel dark moments engulfed with darkness inspiring other people to open up about their battles and fight with courage.

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