Kit Harington Opens Up About ADHD Diagnosis and Alcoholism Struggle, Fans Rally Support on Social Media

Kit Harington Opens Up About ADHD

Hidden 20% Podcast: Kit Harington’s Revelation

Kit Harington spoke openly about his struggle with alcoholism and recent ADHD diagnosis which shocked game of thrones fans.

The journey of the 37 years old star on Hidden 20% wellness podcast gave insight into how he coped with his rise to fame and its impact on his mental health.

Kit Harington revealed that during his second rehab stint, “I went in there drunk, I was sobered up in it and I said ‘fuck this’ not you guys in a circle. No, thank you.’” This came out when he was trying again after treatment.

Moments When He Hit Rock Bottom

The Gunpowder actor admitted hitting rock bottom between 2018 and 2019 while taking part in the play True West.

That was the time he accepted that he had mental issues and decided to do something about it.

Kit Harington pointed out that his standing as an irresistible icon of Game of Thrones contributed to worsen the situation making him try to look confident despite feeling insecure within himself.

He said during the podcast, “I was trying to project this image of utter sophistication and coolness about what I was doing but like genuinely just terrified about everything.”

He also talked about online criticism being described as a “dangerous rabbit hole” which impacted negatively on his mental well-being.

Social Media Reactions from Fans

Fans took Reddit by storm following reports of Kit Harington’s revelations regarding his mental health problems.

One Redditor commented on adult ADHD diagnosis stating, ““ADHD presents itself differently and affects people who are not aware of it.”

“It can really disable human beings if left untreated as an adult’s diagnosis can change one’s life.”

Another Reddit user shared their personal experience by saying that “I have ADHD. And I didn’t get diagnosed until my 30s.

But respectfully, I completely disagree with you when you say that society is “aware” of ADHD.”

These discussions on social media were aimed at highlighting the need to create awareness about ADHD as well as understand how it affects even those who are well known.

Mental Health Implications

Kit Harrington’s disclosure does not only reveal his own struggles but also highlights the wider issues of mental health and alcoholism.

Publicizing about his struggles could motivate other people to seek assistance and decrease the shame around discussing mental health.

Fame Intersecting with Mental Health

Throughout the show business, the correlation between fame and mental health has been a recurring theme with celebrities having unique pressures and challenges.

Harlington’s story is a reminder that even those who have everything can have their own battles to fight thus calling for empathy and support.

ADHD & Alcoholism: Expert Perspectives

Mental health experts and professionals can contribute to Harington’s case, shedding light on the connection between ADHD and alcoholism.

This understanding of the subtleties of these conditions could aid a more comprehensive discourse on mental health care and support.

However, is fame always good? At any rate, Harington’s experience during the peak of Game of Thrones’ frenzy raises questions on how much psychological damage massive celebrity could do.

The prying eyes of the general public in consort with incessant online presence might have had a hand in making this actor go through such difficult times.

Thus, it triggers another conversation about what responsibilities come with being famous.

Moving Forward: Advocacy and Support

As people continue to show their love for Kit Harington, this occurrence may increase advocacy towards mental health.

It can also be seen as one of many celebrities opening up about their own struggles thereby debunking stereotypes and creating a kinder society.

Moreover, this was not all as far as Kit Harington was concerned; he recently opened up about his battle with alcoholism and ADHD which sparked off a broad discussion about mental health in relation to fame as well as the interplay between both.

Following this incident fans have taken to social media platforms where they are showing their solidarity thus reminding everyone about how important it is to understand mental illness without stigmatizing it.

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