Harnessing The Mental Health Benefits Of Make-up? How Lady Gaga’s Makeup Line Revolutionizes Self-Care


mental health benefits of make-up

Pop star and Oscar-winning actress Lady Gaga is known for her fashion statements, experimentation with attires, and innovative use of makeup on red carpets. She recently launched her artistry beauty line called Haus Labs and gave a new interview to Female First about the launch’s response in the UK. She spoke on British fashion’s influence on her style and the mental health benefits of make-up.

Lady Gaga said that makeup could double as mental self-care and artistic expression—something she had learned from her mother. She elaborated on the cathartic nature of makeup, stating: “My earliest memories of makeup center on my mother. Watching her transform and get ready for work was so special, I watched her become this superhuman being. My mother used to say to me, ‘Take care of yourself.

You have to look glamorous.’ It’s not all about how you look – I’ve worn a lot of makeup before and still felt awful on the inside. But for me, makeup is self-care; sometimes it really lifts my spirits and it has helped me with my mental health a lot throughout my life.”

Can Makeup Provide “Transformative Therapy”?

While many may view Lady Gaga’s self-love approach to makeup as PR for her makeup brand, recent research does affirm the many mental health benefits of makeup. Makeup has long been associated with enhancing one’s physical appearance and boosting self-confidence.

It can indeed provide transformative therapy by positively impacting an individual’s mental well-being and self-esteem. By using makeup to highlight one’s best features or to camouflage imperfections, individuals can feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. This can positively impact various aspects of life, from social interactions to professional endeavors.

For many, the process of applying makeup serves as a creative outlet, allowing individuals to express themselves and boost their self-image. Different makeup styles, colors, and techniques allow individuals to convey their personalities and emotions. The ability to experiment and create unique looks can boost creativity and provide a sense of freedom.

The act of carefully applying makeup can be meditative and a form of self-acceptance, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. The transformation that occurs during the application process can boost confidence and provide a sense of empowerment. Moreover, makeup can act as a form of self-care, allowing individuals to indulge in a stable ritual that enhances their mood and overall well-being.

Tips To Effectively Use Makeup As Self-Care

To effectively utilize makeup as a form of self-care, it is essential to approach it with a mindful mindset. Here are some tips to maximize the mental health benefits of makeup:

1. Create a dedicated space:

Set up a specific area where you can apply makeup comfortably. Ensure the space is well-lit and clutter-free, providing a calm and inviting environment.

2. Practice mindfulness:

Approach the process of applying makeup as a form of self-care. Focus on the present moment, paying attention to each stroke and sensation. Use this time to relax, breathe, and connect with yourself.

3. Experiment with different styles:

Allow yourself to explore various makeup styles and techniques. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new looks. Embrace the opportunity to express yourself and discover what makes you feel most confident and empowered.

4. Prioritize skincare:

Remember that makeup application begins with healthy skin. Establish a skincare routine that suits your needs, ensuring your skin is well-nourished and prepped for makeup.

5. Take breaks:

While makeup can be enjoyable, it’s important not to become reliant on it for self-esteem. Give yourself makeup-free days to appreciate and embrace your natural beauty. True self-care involves accepting and loving yourself both with and without makeup.

Makeup can provide transformative therapy by boosting self-esteem, acting as a form of self-expression, and enhancing overall well-being. By approaching makeup as a mindful practice, individuals can effectively use it as a self-care tool, harnessing its mental health benefits to nurture their sense of self and embrace their unique beauty.

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