Long Hours On Phone Not Linked To Mental Health Issues, Says Study

A recent study was conducted by Lancaster University to test whether smartphone users suffered from a poor mental health condition including anxiety, depression, and stress. In this regard, two studies were conducted with 46 Android and 199 iPhone users for a week.

In the first study with 46 Android users from the University of Lincoln, U.K., 82% were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and 88% were diagnosed with depression. Thus, in study 1, smartphone addiction was positively associated with anxiety, depression, and stress measures. Additionally, it was also found that the BMI (Body Mass Index) had also reduced as daily screen time and pickups increased. In the second study with 199 total participants using iPhone, 42.71% of the sample were overweight or obese, and the average BMI across all participants was slightly higher than the recommended range. However, in the second study, average daily pickups and average daily screen time did not significantly predict anxiety, depression, or stress in the participants.

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  • Long Hours On Phone Not Linked To Mental Health Issues, Says Study